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June 26th, 2010

The Milk Market in Limerick reopened June 19th after extensive renovation and redevelopment. Nev was there to capture everything coming together.

Just in case you wanted a 2nd Opinion

November 26th, 2009

2012 by MovieBob

And check out MovieBob’s take on the two Twlight Movies. God knows, I have no intention of ever reading the books or watching the movies so you may as well get an Internet Critic’s opinion.

In case you were wondering…

November 21st, 2009

2012, a movie inspired by Mayan apocalypse myths and crackpot theories that works better as a metaphor for  John Cusack’s current career – playing essentially the same role that was novel in “Sure Thing”, endearing and nostalgic in “Grosse Point Blank” and “High Fidelity” and now just comes across as ineffectual and pointless (even with the plot on your side).

It probably scores quite highly on the most improbable airplane take-offs from crumbling runways since the Battle of Britain. And even then I couldn’t quite escape thinking that they only did it once and just changed the CGI of the plane and surroundings for the other two. Other than that its geologically and geographically a bit weak. I would hope that if the Da Vinci Code did nothing else(!) it at least brought home to most people that the Mona Lisa is in the Louvre, in Paris and so you don’t need to show people that you are in Paris by having the Eiffel Tower visible from the Louvre and certainly not visible as if you could view it along the Champ de Mars. Maybe the whole Crust Displacement thing happened more than once. And even if it did its unlikely that it move the Mona Lisa from an underground specially built chamber to an office with a window view of the Eiffel Tower.

The supporting characters were just bad. Although they did do a nice setup of the aged US president potentially having a hot young wife.  But she turned out to be merely his daughter and was only in the movie as the love interest for the character that was written to be played by the Denzel Washington of 10-12 years ago and instead got played by some mere wannabe. A lot of the supporting characters are played by mere wannabes, which I suppose is what happens when you only have John Cusack as the lead. Oliver Platt is good as the not-baddie but he looks like he is just phoning it in.

There’s no big bad in the movie per se, unless you think neutrinos are inherently evil – maybe those Mayans were on to something. But aside from the Bhuddist chaps and the favourably treated protagonists everyone else is morally flawed in some way by being too rich, or by sleeping with the pilot, or being bat shit crazy or Indian, or at sea, or having stolen John Cusack’s family or Japanese, or just unlucky enough to be alive but not a Billionaire (in euros, not dollars) and so gets their well-deserved comeuppance from the evil neutrinos.

There is really no point in talking about the science aspect of science fiction these days. So instead I have to wonder what kind of novel gets published in hardback and only sells 455 copies worldwide? And why did the John Cusack’s character agent/editor give him an expensive watch in anticipation of high sales yet not give him an advance big enough that 7 years later he could avoid being a chauffeur for a Russian Billionaire – although that worked out well in the end; if you don’t include the pilot(s), the bimbo, the Billionaire himself, the state of Hawaii, or indeed the rest of the world. At least the dog survived.

Disaster Strikes!

November 20th, 2009

We went to 2012 Friday night and so missed all the excitement around town

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Don’t be back!

June 6th, 2009

I was about 5 mins into Terminator:Salvation before I thought “Please somebody save me from this rubbish.”

Even the type of people who like explosions were wondering how you can spend $200 million on a movie and only $2 on a script, and seemingly $0 on acting lessons.

At least it was better than Wolverine!

May 7th, 2009

Just saw the new Star Trek movie.

I don’t think that I have been as underwhelmed by a movie since the first Matrix movie.

Panini of Solace

November 12th, 2008

The two things I knew going into the current Bond Movie were a) Everybody Dies and b) It a bit Art House. Both courtesy of John and Nev who were here last week. And both are almost true. I don’t know that any movie with a budget of over <Dr Evil> $100 MILLION DOLLARS </Dr Evil> can be classified as Art House and everybody doesn’t die although a lot more could have/should have.

Nobody should go to Bond Movies for the plot, after all there usually isn’t one. Well thats not true, there is but they have become such a background to the cinema  experience that they are easily captured and flowchartted. I’m not sure that flowchartted is a word either, but it could be in German so lets run with it. So if plot isn’t important, or is as expected then a lot depends on the actors and ambience.

The acting in this is pretty good, given that it is a Bond Movie. The new guy seems to be working out fairly well, and Judi Dench is still the best M ever. There are lots of other hot-swappable characters in standard support roles a lot of whom get to die.

Continuing with the trend from the last movie, the cinematography is very good and not typical of previous Bond Movies. The locations used were fairly random, but used to good effect. The Palio in Siena made a nice backdrop to the Parkour scene, but they did Parkour in the last movie too and this one felt a bit scripted – 1 extended scene per movie, max 7 mins duration. It could be argued that there is a Parkour scene in every Bond movie, often involving skis and helicopters, but we didn’t have a fancy French name for it before.

South America seems to be the place to be this year, and I was more than half expecting the mysterious treasure to be a  Crystal Skull, but that was the wrong movie. Still the Hotel thingy blowing up in the desert was pretty good in a burning explosion kinda way. The whole water in the Desert thing seemed stupid and contrived though, and we never got to to see what happened with it. Some of us were hoping (in vain) for catastrophic Dam failure, possibly through explosion, and much denudation of people and property.

Speaking of stupid and contrived the motivations of the bad guys were very “Pinky and the Brain”ish. And were never quite explained or followed through on. Still I’m sure we can rely on MI6 and the CIA to take care of a worldwide conspiracy, co-ordinated and run by ruthless Billionaires. Just because the Intelligence agencies have been horribly and multiply infiltrated and completely oblivious to the whole situation all along doesn’t mean they can’t deal with Qunatum now!!! Right? Speaking of Quantum the title “Quantum of Solace” makes no sense and even for a Bond Movie is at best tangentially linked to the plot.

After the movie we found a nice Italian place that seemed to be a cross between a sandwich shop and a wine bar. Kinda like Jennys with wine, for people who remember Jennys. Given that it took me ten minutes and three wrong turns to get to the Cinema in the first place, I’ll probably never find it again!