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June 26th, 2010

The Milk Market in Limerick reopened June 19th after extensive renovation and redevelopment. Nev was there to capture everything coming together.

Disaster Strikes!

November 20th, 2009

We went to 2012 Friday night and so missed all the excitement around town

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November 6th, 2009

Happy Birthday to Nev as he stalks towards another milestone!

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This is a modified self portrait from Nev’s Flckr a/c.


November 23rd, 2008

Had a bit of snow here this weekend. The temperature took a bit of a nose dive and is hanging aorund 0 C during the day and -3 C at night. So nothing too bad, but nothing you would want to spend the night on a park bench in either. 

Here are some shots of the garden in snow.

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Das neue Fahrrad

September 16th, 2008

I don’t have a great history with bikes. The last three have been stolen from a DART station (ein Tipp: Don’t leave your bike overnight in a DART station – even when free beer is involved), stolen from the apartment building when the front door was broken and abandoned in the University and subsequently vandalised and finally removed by security. I still feel sort of bad about the last one as I generously received it from Danny and never put the time into looking after it that I should have, which directly led to the whole abandonment and destruction thing.

Anyway, now I have a new bike, well new to me anyway. In reality its the family bike. Not my family; its been floating around the group here for a while and after I got adopted into the group, the three stooges rescued it from its on-street abandonment, and I inherited it. I missed out in the whole rescue effort, but apparently it involved a failed attempt to cut the chain with a bolt-cutters, the use of the same bolt-cutters as a hammer on the lock and the eventual liberation of the bike when the broken key fell out of the lock and the spare key became viable.

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In spite of its abandonment and subsequent rescue the bike wasn’t in too bad shape and all it needed was a new front tube and tyre. So Chuffy and I picked one up on the weekly shopping exhibition. That should have given us a taste of what was to come. Certainly I have never had to use a wire cutters or a garden knife to remove the tyre of a bike before. I even jokingly remarked that the bike was old enough that the tyre was welded to the wheel…

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A quick test drive revealed that the bike was rather heavy, the brakes were a bit flaky, the back wheel was bald and the gears were, at best, reluctant. So Chuffy decided a rebuild was in order. A trip to the bike shop later and we had shiney new brakes and a not-shiney, but new tyre for the back wheel and handlebar grips.

The first bit went fine, I dispatched my Mother to the airport and Chuffy went to make a monkey of himself in Ingolstadt. So I made a start on the back tyre. Just as I was putting the back wheel on and noticed the chain was kinked around the back gears. And so it began. The chain wasn’t much of a problem; OK we snipped off a bit of the back gear housing, but everything fitted together well and it all seemed to work. We got the shiney new brakes fitted, but they wouldn’t quite fit over or under the mudguard. So we quickly popped off the mudguard and all was well!

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Was it fuck! The stupid mudguard was attached to the frame in no less than 6 places. And every single joint was rusted shut. We ended up using a wide variety tools over the space of an hour and a half to unscrew, drill, prise off and eventually hammer away and otherwise twist and maul the damned mudguard off the damned bike. And then it turned out the mudguard was also attached to the carrier, which in turn was attached to the frame. Its not like the yellow and purple colour was off putting enough, someone built this bike to be indestructible, well at least for the rear mudguard and carrier to be unstealable. And it was someone with short awkward limbs and hands too most of the components seemed to be inaccessible to ordinary mortals and now the bike has some nice jagged edges where screws broke in position.

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Still, all the more fun to cycle; and the jagged edges can be fun for kiddies of all ages. In the end, alls well that ends well and a few days on I have a working bike. OK its still a bit heavy and the gears ain’t great, but it goes and it stops more or less safely. I am even plotting to get my hands on a better bike; one that also seems to be be unloved and abandoned. It I bet it won’t require as much work either.

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Class Photos

September 13th, 2008

Two weeks into a 2nd eight weeks of German seems like a good time to catch up on the first course.

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Looking back the course seemed more relaxed and less hectic than the current course. Lots of reasons for that, everybody started at the same level so it was easy to bond, there was no big exam (like there will be in October) and it was summer.

And summer in Munich means Beer Gardens. Hopefully we will get to a couple with the current class too.

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Sandal Knitting

July 22nd, 2008

It was a busy weekend around town. Munich is celebrating its 850th birthday this year (about as old as Cork says Chuffy) so there was a street party type thing and associated bands and events. I didn’t get to see a lot of what happened in town,  but I managed to roam about a bit here and there.

I would like to say I started the weekend early, but I don’t think that a post midday club sandwich and rugby in Killians counts as much an achievement. Although one could consider it to be more than South Africa managed! In any case the street party festivities didn’t start until after 2pm.

Street parties in Munich seem to mean beer. And more beer, With sausages and bread as ballast and soakage. And so many of the traditional Bavarian arts were on display. Like brewing, and glass blowing, and cask making and horse breeding. And beekeeping for some reason. Its unusual to see two or three hives more or less on the main street and lots of people milling around.

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While there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of overt Bavarian nationalism, there does seem to be an appreciation of Bavaria as a place and a history. So there were a lot of people in Lederhosen and other costumes, including some medieval re-enactors, Napoleonic military dress, Viennese Dress and 1920s attire. Basically covering every period except for the World Wars.

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I didn’t get to wander around town as much as I wanted to as some of us had arranged to go to Tollwood, and that happened a wee bit earlier than I expected. Tollwood is ok, but I wouldn’t go crazy for it. Its supposed to be a cross between a music festival and a hippy get together. Its not really either, being too commercial for the second and not music-y enough for the first.  So more of a trinket-fest with bands and there was a lot of people hanging around, buying shiney things. Overall the atmosphere was good and there was plenty to eat and drink so that all worked out well.

Sunday we went to a real “knit your own sandals brigade” event, and weave, smith and braid them too, if so desired. The Kaltenberg Knights Tournament is essentially a renaissance faire; with jousting and a mediveal market, although without the, come for the stink, stay for the plague; authenticity of the real thing. The jousting is about as real as professional wrestling, but its fun in a twee, disney kinda way. The bad guys wear black, the good guys wear white and der Bayrisch Ritter always turns up on time to save the day.

The market was much more fun with plenty of people selling genuine modern home made medieval stuff including clothes, armour, jewellery, glass and fly swatters. Here’s a tip, if you ever got to a medieval market with a couple, who subsequently buy a fly swatter. It would be handy to know the German for “I’m not with them” or “I’ve never seen these people before in my life. Officer”.

The food and beer was very good and we had fish on a stick and bbq’ed meat (no name just ‘fleisch’) and beer and mead. We attracted some bees with the mead and some of them hung around to get drunk with us.

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Afterwards there was whisky and late trains home and no homework done! And care packages from home. Chuffy had been away for the weekend, and I conspired with John and arranged that he would bring back books. Hurrah!

Gardeners World

July 13th, 2008

Did a wee bit of gardening yesterday. Chuffy did most of the digging and being in charge, I did most of the raking and helping. We rolled out some grass and laid some patio stones and generally did a lot of levelling and tidiying up. Its a small garden so it was 3-4hrs work including rain breaks, only for torrential downpours – of which there were 3! Here is an after photo.

I don’t have any before photos, but the nascent flower bed in the centre should give a good idea of how it was – think ongoing trench warfare with the neighbours and you won’t be too far wrong.

Covered in plastic in the bottom right is the rotovator which was used to do some prep work during the week. And the new flagstones, well the pulled up and reused flagstones, were positioned along the right wall and by the back gate.

The shovel and the rake are being used to keep the hose to the sprinkler off the new grass. Apparently when new sod is laid it should be watered generously for a few days, which shouldn’t be too difficult given the weather we are having and expect to have for the next week or so.


July 9th, 2008

This is a post to test the flickr tag plugin.

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Probably I need to edit this photo to take out the person in the background and maybe even the traffic lights.