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Shepherd like you mean it.

December 14th, 2009

We’re due a letter from the pope any day now. Wonder how it will be received.

mmmm…. …pie

June 7th, 2009

The election count is all over bar the shouting. Squid did a really good job over at the Limerick Blogger and on Twitter tracking numbers and counts and keeping everyone up to date.

In the meantime there are numbers to be crunched and analyses to be performed. John has thrown up some historical graphs and figures on his blog and there will in time be counts etc available in the local and national media, online and from the councils themselves.

Anyway, the new Limerick City Council is
Fine Gael (8): South: Maria Byrne, Ger Fahy, Jim Long, Diarmuid Scully; North: Michael Hourigan, Cormac Hurley, Kevin Kiely; East: Deins McCarthy
Labour (4) South: Joe Leddin, Orla Mcloughlin; North; Tom Shortt; East: Gerry Mclouglin
Independents (3): South: Pat Kennnedy; North: Kathleen Leddin; East: John Gilligan
Fianna Fàil (1): East: Kieran O’Hanlon
Sinn Fèin (1): North: Maurice Quinlivan

Limerick City Council 2009

I can see Fine Gael doing a deal with Pat Kennedy to ensure overall control of the council. Kennedy is essentially an Independent FG councillor anyway and one year in the Mayors office as the price for his support wouldn’t be daylight robbery.

Note to Eamonn Ryan

June 6th, 2009

Having a Green Economy is not dependent on having a Green Party!


June 5th, 2009

Went and did the whole voting extravaganza thing this morning. You should consider going and doing the same, if you are able.

Essentially I voted (quelle suprise) anti-governmnet and anti-Kathy Sinnot so Labour & Fine Gael in the Europeans and Fine Gael, Independent & Labour in the locals. It turns out that I am related to Cllr Lily Wallace, one of the independent councillors in Limerick City, so she got a fairly high preference. The other independents didn’t fare so well, some not getting even as good a preference as the Shinners; but all did better than FF.

et tu elReg

March 25th, 2009

Even the Register is getting digs in over Picturegate

Dell’s withdrawal from Limerick is just the most visible effect of the global slowdown on the crumpling Irish economy. The country’s economic boom has ground to a halt as its status as a high skill, low wage economy has been eclipsed by newer EU members further east, and as its accompanying construction boom collapses.

In the meantime, the Irish government has chosen to grapple with the economic apocalypse facing the Republic by demanding an apology from the state broadcaster over its reporting of a spate of hoax nude paintings of Taioseach Brian Cowen which have appeared in galleries in Dublin.

Direct Democracy

October 26th, 2008

Dan has a piece in today’s Sundays Times

The population could be afforded a significantly greater opportunity to be involved. For example, why not allow citizens to submit parliamentary questions or to have ministers address their questions in committee? Or even participate in the scrutiny of legislation?

I wonder if after this weeks protests and climbdowns TDs have had enough of direct democracy for now!