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Administrivia redux

November 26th, 2009

My old host plan kind of nuked itself so I have done a transfer to a new provider. Everyone say hi to Blacknight, we could be here for a while.

The transfer is a bit more rushed than I might have liked, so bear with me while I iron things out, fluff pillows etc.

Here is a bit of Bohemian Rhapsody to keep you going.

PS Don’t forget to update your RSS feeds, links etc, assuming they are working again.

I tawt I taw a puddy tat!

January 1st, 2009

Das Neue Jahr in München war viel Spaß. Chuffy hat Essen für 10 ausgerichtet. Erste mal hatten wir pâté und kleines Stoffe. Dann haben wir die Fondues, die eines Käse Fondue und eines Tafelöl Fondue mit Strauß sind. Der Nachtisch war Eiscreme und Walderdbeeren. Gegen Mitternacht haben wir mit Feuerwerk im Garten und aus der Terrasse gespielt.

Heute tue ich nicht so viel. Ich denke, dass rote Wein und Chmpange und Bier gut schmecken, aber ich hätte nicht alle in die eigene Nacht getrunken. Wir haben das Haus geputzt, und ein bisschen ferngesehen. Morgens gehe ich zu die Innenstadt, um Schistoffe zu kaufen.

Meine Lösung für das Neue Jahr sind natütlich meine Deutsche zu besseren, und mehr Blogposts zu schreiben. Manchmal zusammen!


September 19th, 2008

Random post of randomness to test something else.

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September 18th, 2008

Ronan has become eponymous, albeit in the .com world rather than the .ie one. Roam over to and say hi.


July 3rd, 2008

This is my newish blog, same as the oldish blogs. Its kinda been up and running for a few weeks, but we (well, Nev) has been smoothing the edges and generally trying to get the whole thing stable. Many of the posts below have previously been posted elsewhere too. In fact I wrote them here and copied and pasted them into blogger.

This is my third blog location in 5 years. All the archived posts from my blogger blogs should be here, although they go a bit scattered and mangled the further back you go!

For now its a pretty basic design, using one of the standard wordpress templates. In time I shall do something about that, but as the blog exists as part of a bigger project, which I shall let Nev talk about in his own time. So don’t expect too many changes too soon.

As I am living in Germany for a while, I expect the bias of the site will swing that way. But we shall see.

As usual comments, etc are welcome. Play nice!