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April 16th, 2003

Finished six weeks swimming lessons today. My Breast stroke improved quite a bit and my front crawl and back stroke are a more polished. Why does swimming a length seem a lot harder when you are doing it properly.

We also did some surface and some jumping dives. Not too happy jumping into the water yet though. Nicola from the group also did the course and she is much better at diving than me, and most of the people in the class.

April 15th, 2003

After a few flase starts – the ftp server I’m using won’t accept uploads after 18:00 GMT – this is up and running.

God only knows what I’ll use it for. Most likely for my own amusement. And to counter the lies and misadventures of Hilary’s blog and other things.

eventually I’ll get comments working. Getting the damn thing up and running is enough of a waste of time for now.