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May 9th, 2003

I am reviewing a paper by one of the chaps here. And the guy can’t write. He’s one of the most experienced people here and can be quite articulate when he wants. But he has a ballistic attitude to papers. I think its because he can touch type. He seems to be more impressed by “I wrote 17 pages in 5 mins and word says there are no spelling errors” than “here is a short, well written, logical, gramatically correct paper”. No prizes for guessing which side of that argument I come down on. Sample sentence “This cluster of cells forms an area known as the Location Areas”. And this paper has been both reviewed by people here AND accepted to a conference. So now I’m getting grief for not towing the line and saying its fine. And that more than anything else is PISSING ME OFF.

Last week some friends and I shared two bottles of vodka (large ones – I bought when I was in the US) and played poker until the wee hours. I ended up being really really ill all over the couch and living room. And that was still better than editing this paper.