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July 1st, 2003

First post with new blogger. Doesn’t seem to be any different so far. Maybe comments and archives will get better. Or maybe I’ll just hassle jamie into helping me set them up. He doesn’t seem to mind helping out everyone else.

Speaking of everyone else, lillbop , another person I know through Hilary, just came on line. Time will tell if she is deserving of a link in the sidebar :-)

One of the ongoing dilemas in the blogsphere seems to be the conflct between making it big and performing on a world stage, or just maintaing an intimate set of linked blogs for friends and acquaintances. I suppose what will ultimately decide this for us is Hilary and Jamie’s pending trip to Oz. If blogs help us all interact and keep in touch then they will have proved themselves as useful as well as entertaining (for different values of entertaining). Otherwise I can see them falling away as another flash in the pan Internet thing.

Yes I’m putting a lot of responsibility on Jamie and Hilary to make this work. But they can handle it. Anyway if they are going to acquire a large family they need to get used to responsibility.