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September 5th, 2003

Its almost back to normal at the college. Term starts in 2 weeks or so. Mature students are in next week for extra orientation sessions (I know this as my brother Mark is starting Comp Sys this year) and then orientation week is the following week.

Sonn after that the FYPS and Labs will begin. This year we are going to try to use the web in some of Sean’s modules for labs, tutorial etc. Yes its an old idea, but we haven’t got it right yet. For example the above link still points to the old page!!!

September 5th, 2003

Now that he is a free agent; we had Jamie in the lab this week to talk about J2ME and what it is good for. It gave us lots of ideas to use for Final Year Projects this year.

Hilary joined us for lunch. That all I will see of them until they get back from the trip which I am sure will be great fun; in addition to being an exercise in patience and blogging scizophrenia. I hope I get a “Mike was right about the tin opener” post.