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December 15th, 2003

The Day After

30 years old. day two. So far so good.

Everybody seems to have enjoyed the party Sat night. After all the effort required to organise and co-ordinate a room, cake, food and decorations I now have a lot more respect for Adrian and Lavinia and Donagh and Fiona for their wedding organisation trials and trubulations.

I was a bit disappointed that none of the ex-broadcom crew made it. I did get a card from Andy Kelleher an e-card from Emer and lots of happy birthday emails so not so bad.

I got a very nice card from the WAR group, even if Maria had to use it to gloat over her beating me in the run on Fri 12. The last few years we have run for charity (this year we raised over 2000 euros for Adapt House and Rosbrien Suicide Awareness here in Limerick). Last year Maria and I ran it together and I sort of cheated and sprinted over the line ahead of her. It seems she could not “let it go” and this year she ran away from me, leaving me at the back of the pack on my own. In any case I finished it more or less on the hour (I was last male home, Maria was last female home – just like last year). The results are at and there should be pictures there soon.

After the run we went drinking and then on to the WAR group christmas dinner – the start of a weekend of b’day celebrations and drinking for me.

December 11th, 2003

?cirtnecce ton I am

Hilary and Jamie are in Dunedin, well they were in Dunedin ages ago . But the postcard arrived today, further charting Jamie’s descent into madness. But to be be fair; after three months travelling with Hilary most people would be the same.

While its just a coincidence the card arrived 3 days before my birthday, with a bit of forethought and timing they could have put “happy birthday mike” on the card . I would have been well impressed. On Birthday stuff; there will be a significant lack of ex-Broadcom people around on Saturday so an encore performance in Dublin will happen after Christmas.

Anyway here is the postcard

December 3rd, 2003

Spread the Word!!!

Hi Everybody,

I am having a 30th Birthday Party in Limerick on 13 Dec 2003,

The venue is Bently Barkers pub, O Connell St. (next to Teds).

Doors open 9pm or thereabouts.

There is limited floor space available for out of town travellers, but I can try and beg/borrow/steal some more as required.