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June 29th, 2004

So we did our outdoor fencing gig last wed. As usual the are photos.

As a follow up TG4 did some footage of the school for POP4; to be shown on July 10 at 4pm.

Some group shots

There are also individual pics of everybody

Some fencing shots

and some hangers on

Finally; nev looking very patrician and overseeing everything

June 23rd, 2004

Thanks to Jamie, I now have a Gmail account. Like him I don’t know what I am going to use it for yet. Probably I’ll migrate some of my non-spam mailing list mail to it

That way I can have my university a/c for work and stuff; this attracts suprisingly little spam even with a blog (although I probably just jinxed it). An address for untrusted lists etc and Gmail for personal stuff and non-spamming lists (if any such things exist).

I’m not dumb enugh to post my new email here. So here is Jamie’s instead.

June 23rd, 2004

Neville writes to tell me that the fencing school is having a bit of a show. Hopefully this means I will have some fencing photos soon.

This Wednesday the Limerick School of Arms shall be moving to the Limerick Boatclub for one night only, and we are going to make a bit of a show of it.

We shall be holding a public demonstration of classical fencing, including foil and backsword.

The class will run from 7-10 as per normal.

The public display will start at 9.

Bar service available.

June 22nd, 2004

yet more pics from the Dublin Mini Marathon. This time from Mike Mulcahy.

Mike also found these

Found this on the web! tho dunno how Ronan escaped that one!

Some more of event:

Anyway. here is Mike from his own collection

and me and mike

June 18th, 2004

Jamie writes

I’m sorry, it’s just too funny to see ‘Click here if you are offended by

this photo’ printed underneath each photo!! :-D

Interesting photo of me there though – biggest smile I’ve ever seen in

my life.


The smiling jamie picture is here. I fail to see how anyone would be offended by that!!

June 18th, 2004

Ronan and the Ronannettes

Super Smash Monkey House had a pretty succesful first gig on Tues night.

Unfortunately my experiments with the phone camera and sound recorder didn’t turn out too well. Here are some bad photos, which in time I shall replace with better edited ones.

John, Nev, Jer and Mike

Maria and Ronan singing “bright eyes”

Maria front and center

June 18th, 2004

More Photos

A new album for the mini marathon photos is online.


June 16th, 2004

I am not fickle!!

But your opinion may differ. In any case..

Ways I find things: 1. Distraction. Diffuse concentration. Good peripheral vision. I sort of trip over things while researching other things. Google is good for that. You type in [herrings "school of'], and it gives you nineteen herrings and a coelacanth. If you’re as distractable as I am, you wander off to have a look at the coelacanth. 2. I’ll be researching something else, and one of the sources I find will remind me of something else I’ve always wanted to know more about. This is sort of like the preceding item, but you supply your own coelacanth. 3. Somebody tells me about it. 4. Somebody tells me about something, but when I get there I find myself wandering into another part of the site where I find something else I like better. 5. A day or two after I put up a new post, I go to Technorati to see who’s said what about it. I follow the links, and when I get to that weblog there’s usually some other interesting stuff. 6. Sometimes I’ll take some common turn of phrase and google on it to see what turns up. 7. Some sites, like Ray Girvan’s Apothecary’s Drawer, have links that are like falling down the rabbit’s hole. 8. Miscellaneous other. 9. I’m not sure the foregoing isn’t just seven different ways to say one thing, and one way to say another.

June 15th, 2004

Some small web and blog stuff. I upgraded to the the firefox 0.9 and so far so good.

I updated the links and blogs on the sidebar. I really need to see about updating my list of books as well. I should add a list of books to read and books to buy (or to get given as presents!!). The site also aquired a feed, courtesy of blogger, and I’m sure that will be useful for all my regular readers ;-)

Sauce Reader from Synop is a very useful feed reader that can handle RSS and Atom standards and is free for personal use. Its not open source and its very Windows and Microsoft focussed. But that may change over time.

June 14th, 2004

More pics from the mini marathon are available. I am very happy to know that one can now get photos plus CD in an hour in Limerick city.

I don’t have anywhere permanent to put them (yet!) so I am going to recruit Hilary and Jamie to help out. For now, here are a few samples.

The first is of Me and Mike Mulcachy

Ronan gets one to himself

Lavinia, Adrian and Marie

Hilary and Jamie didn’t participate, but they get a picture anyway

Finally Danny, who neither participate nor turned up to watch. He did make it to the pub after. Here he is with Hilary