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July 1st, 2004

Obsession for men

Hilary writes about Harry Potter

I used to be a normal person…

and now

But I’m a changed person….. Every waking moment all I can think about is Harry POtter and what might happen to him next. Jamie describes what I do as Harry Vomit, when every word out of my mouth is about Harry and Harry related things.

Of course some of us would disagree that Hilary was ever a “normal person”. But I am not about to knock someone for reading. In fact I can offer some advice. And I can tailor it to what I think Hilary needs/would like.

Hilary wants Terry Pratchett. There is the advantage of oodles and oodles of books (see list below) written for all ages. One can hit the ground running rather slowly with “A Hat Full of Sky” and “The Wee Free Men” which are written primarily for children and hold up quite well next to Harry Potter. Then read “Good Omens” for a different style of writing.

For the discworld proper start with “Soul Music”, then “Hogfather” then “Thief of Time”. Next read “Wyrd Sisters”, “Witches Abroad”, “Lords and Ladies” then “Maskerade” (even if you don’t read any other books read “Maskerade”) and “Carpe Jugulum”. After that read “Guards Guards”, “Men at Arms”, “Feet of Clay”, “Jingo”, and the “Fifth Elephant”. At that stage the remaining books can be picked off in any order; although you should really read them as “Equal Rites”, “Mort”, “Reaper Man”, “Moving Pictures”, “Pyramids”, “Small gods”, “Colour of Magic”, “Light Fantastic”, “Sourcery”, “Eric” (illustrated if you can find it – if not I will lend you my copy), “Interesting Times”, “The Last Continent”, “The Truth” and “Monstrous Regiment”.

Once finished go back and read them all again in the order they were published so you can wacth the development of all the characters and running gags that appear more than once.

Hilary also has the added advantage that she can borrow all the books from me (I won’t miss them – I have two copies of most of them lying around somewhere). So for an initial outlay of 2-3 books the next time she visits she can depopulate my library. She may have to fight Ben and Joanne for some of them but I imagine we can work something out.

I can’t believe that I am able to list and group all the discworld novels without reference to amazon, my bookshelf or other resources. Probably I should get out more.