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September 7th, 2004

Shakesbeer in the park

A local acting school put on A Midsummer’s Night Dream in the People’s Park on Saturday, myself and ben and bens sister and mother wandered along. And it wasn’t half bad. It was better than that even. It was a bright sunny day and the park makes quite a good backdrop – we had to move around from act to act which was quite cool and made good use of different copses, bandstands and such in the park. Quite a lot of kids as well, some of home were persistently and annoyingly loud and sick.

And then we went for beer. and that was saturday.

On Sunday Ben played a gig in a local pub for a few hours. He had a shakey start (see saturday) , but once he settled in it went very well. The fact that at the beginning there were less than 15 people in the pub and we had all come to watch Ben probably helped him settle down. Later on the bar filled up with real people and eventually a vintage rugby team.

Afterwards we went for food and beer. and that was sunday

Monday was very warm to do an aerobics class. especially if one were to be hungover as well.

September 7th, 2004


Some changes to the site. Same overall design and a couple of updated pictures. Must add more pics. Eventually I will get my publications page updated as well.

Comments etc on the new look are welcome.


archive seems to be mostly broken. Must appeal for help (jamie) or just change to monthly archives, that should be easier to follow

archives are working properly now, although the index page is a big dirty hack!!!