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September 13th, 2004

Jamie has updated his weblog and the ideasasylum main page and the silhouette are quite cool; although the descriptions leave a lot to be desired. While I would be the first to say “Jamie is eccentric”, I don’t think boring is an appropriate word, not when there are words like distracted and oblivious floating around just begging to be used. Clever would be another word but Jamie is far too self-depricating for that. Hilary’s description is spot on, especially the obsessive and compulsive part ;-) And also the lovely part of course.

Their photos are also accessable from the main page. Including some photos of me that have been accessed an oddly large number of times. This makes me feel guilty that I haven’t done anything with my photo collection yet. Thats not quite true – I have them heaped up in a pile somewhere – they are just not readily accessable.