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September 29th, 2004

More Bloggers

Eoin has a newly eponymous blog.

Looks like I’ll have to update my links again and add Eoin and Mike to the list.

We could start our own social network, who links to whom are they permaent links (like the sidebar links to Jamie and Hilary), or “temporary ones” in posts. How often are people mentioned in posts etc. Who is reading what blogs, leaving comments and so on.

All the stats gatheriong and analysis seems like a perfect computer science masters or FYP project for someone in the area to supervise. And if it works for us then we can release it into the Blogsphere in general to track and gather social network dynamics. Who needs

September 29th, 2004

More Mike Blogging!

Mike Mulcahy has a blog over at Deciduous Ponderings.

Unlike me he seems to be hosting his blog at and so he can post and get comments after 18:00 GMT. Which I can’t do because the FTP server shuts down then.

So lets spam his comments section as a hello :-)

September 29th, 2004

Yo-Ga Yo-Ga

Flexibilty! Fitness!! Stamina!!!

Went to yoga with Maria yesterday, start of a 10 week class. There will be no making fun of the yoga pants.

We are doing Ashtanga Yoga which encourages well being posture detoxificiation and all the rest through vigorous movements, controlled breathing and sweating. Like everything else there are a lot of web sites

Essentially it seems to be a set of about 30 poses performed in sequence over an hour (or less). We did 10 this week. 10 more next week and so on. Then put it all together then speed it up. Breathing seems to be the key and I imagine it will be a while before I begin to get that.

Follow with 20 mins of relaxation theraphy – almost worth going for this alone. All I need to do now is collect all the cards and monsters and I’ll be sorted.

Oh wait! thats yugi-oh!