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October 29th, 2004

Apocalypse maybe!

So the sox won the world series without triggering the apocalypse; only the moon came to an end.

This of course means that our American friends can go forth and vote the Democrat ticket on Tuesday, thus averting any number of potential apocalypses.

October 27th, 2004


Some band called Super Smart Monkey House are playing in the Stables in UL on Friday. I hope they are just not another thrown together friends-and-family-of-some-guy-with-a-guitar wannabe cover band.

For sure, whoever they are, they will be in big trouble with Maria, Skitz and the rest for almost stealing their band name.

October 27th, 2004


All Stretches Hurt Towards Achievement. Now, Good Aches

October 21st, 2004

The IT&T conference is over for another year. Not the greatest conference ever, but there were some interesting sessions on SIP and on Ad-Hoc Networks. And it was in LIT, only a hop skip and jump away from the university.

I presented a paper based on Bryan’s masters using slides put together by Neville. Presenting other peoples work is always strange. It is possible to be very involved in the ideas underlying the work and the preparations of papers, slides etc but you still never exactly match someone elses train of thought as to why certain ideas and concepts are introuduced where they are and in what order.

In any case Bryan’s work is close to some of my own PhD ideas and intrests and I think I gave a good presentation and defence of his ideas and the work involved. And given who the audience were, I can say that with some confidence :-)

I met lots of people I knwo from years of alternately working and studying and most of them were quite interested in how I was doing and when I was finishing. I ended up telling lots and lots of people that Sean and I aim for me to finish in feb 2005. So now I suppose I have to.

Mark/Billy/Ronan from our group conspired together to win 2nd best paper prize so kudos to them.

October 20th, 2004


A is for agility, none to be found

S is for soreness, from head to the ground

H is for hurting, gruting and frown

T is for trousers, paisley and brown

A is for awkward in pose and in stance

N is for never, not ever, no chance

G is for get-up, get-up on your head

A is for agony, I wish I was dead

October 19th, 2004

how you doin’!

Duke University has published completion rates and timelimness for Ph.D. Students from the 1992-1995 intakes, which would be close to the date I could possibly have started at if I pursued a Ph.D. straight out of college.

Of 41 ECE Ph.Ds. there are still 2 enrolled, 18 having withdrawn and 21 having completed. The average completion time was 5.3 years, although not presumably for the two people who are still left.

So I have been at mine almost 3 years (very almost 3 years, a bit over 5 if you include the M.Eng as well), but am still here. Not too bad I think, compared with a group of people who would have got their B.Eng around the same time I did.

Thanks to crooked timber for the links.

October 15th, 2004

Too many books

I only have a week left to make some headway with Ulysees for my reading group, and I am still only on page 119

Fortunately I haven’t bought too many other books in the last week, which on top of my already extensive to-read pile, not to mention libaray books would undoubtedly distratct me from the task at hand!!!!

October 14th, 2004

Darren Jumps the Shark

I can’t figure out what this means; except possibly that Darren is losing it!


To: ‘Michael Barry’, ‘Donogh Broderick’

Subject: RE: Photos online

Thats it, I’ve decided that I’ll have to put my mind

to removing you from both academia and from allowing you

to associate with american type people, as the

consequences of both have proven quiet the unhealthy

influence, what with pictures from dublin zoo and all…

—–Original Message—–

From: Michael Barry

To:Darren.Ryan; Donogh Broderick; Kathleen McCarthy; Sean

McGrath; Eduardo Cano

Subject: Photos online

Hi guys,

I put some of my photos up on the web. It includes stuff from my Alaskan trip in 2001, Kathleen’s wedding, Donogh’s wedding and postgrads behaving badly.

Beware: size of some albums is quite large



October 11th, 2004

Now with added picture goodness

Over the weekend, while I was supposed to be doing up notes for my ee4607 lectures, I accidentally uploaded all my Photo-CDs instead ;-)

So now I have a photo page which I shall update as intermittently as everything esle on the site.


October 8th, 2004

Beer for Ben

Ben is playing in The Precient (formerly Baker Place) on Sat night, after the France v Ireland match.

The plan is to listen to Ben sing and buy beer so that the pub owner people can give money to Ben for singing.

Why we just don’t give Ben a fiver each and drink beer at home I don’t know.