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October 8th, 2004

Yesterday’s repeat lecture to the part-timers went well. They seemed much more focussed and more determined to write down everything I said or scribbled. Its an odd experience trying to repeat a lecture, even with notes from earlier in the day and I was constsntly second guessing myself on stuff.

Afterwards I went to aerobics where I put in a good perfoermance until my adrenalin rush wore off my blood sugar also started to plummet . So tired, hyper and hungry I went for beer with Mike. Which was abit of a disaster as the bar wasn’t recognising the PSA drink vouchers for anything other than draft beer – and only the cheap draft beers. No shorts, no cocktails, no erdinger, no soft drinks! So much for “1 free drink” …

Got to bed early but managed to rouse myself for whisky when Ben, Joanne and Katia came back to the flat and deliberately made a lot of noise so that I would rouse myself and drink some whisky. Eventually we ended up in Dolans Warehouse where we danced to da toons with da bitches.

Alright alright, we swayed arrythmically with everybody else (some more arrythmically than others) to a monotonous beat that went on for ages and got really boring after 30 mins. Thank God for cigarettes and alcohol.

October 7th, 2004

beer beer beer bed bed bed

One lecture down. Slightly hyper – coffee and chocolate immediatly after may have been a bad idea.

Think it went well. A couple of questions and few if any vacant stares.

Have to repeat it at 18:00 today. Maybe I need some sleep in between.

Must think about notes

October 4th, 2004

The restaurant in the White House in UL is really really really really really good. Really

that is all.

October 1st, 2004


I read as much as the next person. And the person next to that person and the next person over and the two hiding in the corner as well. So when the Limerick City Library decided to host a reading group I thought I would go along and check it out.

The aim of the group is to introduce people to the classics. And so over the next 23 weeks or so we will be reading Ulysees by James Joyce. Some assistance and lectures will be provdied by the English Deptartment at Mary Immacualte College. But mostly we are on our own. We are going to meet every 2 weeks or so. Together with lecturing it means my Thursday aerobics class is going to jump around a lot for the forseeable future.

From a purely mechanical view just over 900 pages in 23 weeks is about 40 pages a week so in and around 6 pages a day. So 6-10 minutes per day reading Ulysees. And I’m already up to page 119 after my trip last week. Of course purely mechanical reading defeats the purpose. So probably I will read it in full in the next 3-4 weeks and then go back and reread sections as appropriate.

There are 12 people in the group and I seem to be by far the youngest. Which I’m not thrilled about. The other under thirtyish person involved is an assitant librarian and she won’t be a regular participant.

9/12 people and all the facilitating librarians are women. There is a similar story, although different demographics, with 2 men and 28 women at Yoga and aerobics is predominantly (>90%) women. So while I am spending most of my day in a male-dominated environment all my extra-curricular involvements involve lots and lots of women.

Which, I suppse, is how it should be ;-)