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October 8th, 2004

Beer for Ben

Ben is playing in The Precient (formerly Baker Place) on Sat night, after the France v Ireland match.

The plan is to listen to Ben sing and buy beer so that the pub owner people can give money to Ben for singing.

Why we just don’t give Ben a fiver each and drink beer at home I don’t know.

October 8th, 2004

Yesterday’s repeat lecture to the part-timers went well. They seemed much more focussed and more determined to write down everything I said or scribbled. Its an odd experience trying to repeat a lecture, even with notes from earlier in the day and I was constsntly second guessing myself on stuff.

Afterwards I went to aerobics where I put in a good perfoermance until my adrenalin rush wore off my blood sugar also started to plummet . So tired, hyper and hungry I went for beer with Mike. Which was abit of a disaster as the bar wasn’t recognising the PSA drink vouchers for anything other than draft beer – and only the cheap draft beers. No shorts, no cocktails, no erdinger, no soft drinks! So much for “1 free drink” …

Got to bed early but managed to rouse myself for whisky when Ben, Joanne and Katia came back to the flat and deliberately made a lot of noise so that I would rouse myself and drink some whisky. Eventually we ended up in Dolans Warehouse where we danced to da toons with da bitches.

Alright alright, we swayed arrythmically with everybody else (some more arrythmically than others) to a monotonous beat that went on for ages and got really boring after 30 mins. Thank God for cigarettes and alcohol.