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October 14th, 2004

Darren Jumps the Shark

I can’t figure out what this means; except possibly that Darren is losing it!


To: ‘Michael Barry’, ‘Donogh Broderick’

Subject: RE: Photos online

Thats it, I’ve decided that I’ll have to put my mind

to removing you from both academia and from allowing you

to associate with american type people, as the

consequences of both have proven quiet the unhealthy

influence, what with pictures from dublin zoo and all…

—–Original Message—–

From: Michael Barry

To:Darren.Ryan; Donogh Broderick; Kathleen McCarthy; Sean

McGrath; Eduardo Cano

Subject: Photos online

Hi guys,

I put some of my photos up on the web. It includes stuff from my Alaskan trip in 2001, Kathleen’s wedding, Donogh’s wedding and postgrads behaving badly.

Beware: size of some albums is quite large