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October 19th, 2004

how you doin’!

Duke University has published completion rates and timelimness for Ph.D. Students from the 1992-1995 intakes, which would be close to the date I could possibly have started at if I pursued a Ph.D. straight out of college.

Of 41 ECE Ph.Ds. there are still 2 enrolled, 18 having withdrawn and 21 having completed. The average completion time was 5.3 years, although not presumably for the two people who are still left.

So I have been at mine almost 3 years (very almost 3 years, a bit over 5 if you include the M.Eng as well), but am still here. Not too bad I think, compared with a group of people who would have got their B.Eng around the same time I did.

Thanks to crooked timber for the links.