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November 10th, 2004


This week’s yoga post is a sonnet. Ashtanga has only 8 letters which as the first letter of 8 lines is a fairly short sonnet. But it does give an octet for abba abba structure. Add the word Yoga (with an extra ga) to get 6 letters to start the cc dd ee sestet. And after all that writing in iambac pentameter to is quite difficult.

Acting for now to stretch in pain we place

Such hope in push and pull decline to bring

Heroes to strive ‘gainst god and all the thing

To breathe both in and out in time and space

About back with claw reach right and left now face

Near far reach up and down in time and sing

Grab this and that up now and hold trembling

And down relax release for now the race

Yet who so far and wide on sea and land

O.K.s no more this place on which we stand

Grimmer and bleaker older not younger

Alone afraid full of doubts and hunger

Go forth and try for now in spite of this

Acheive for now some maybe state of bliss