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November 24th, 2004

City Photo

this is quite good. Although the picture of limerick is a bit old, dating before the early 90’s probably; when there were still houses in the castle courtyard!!!

November 24th, 2004


We got new lights for the office and there are now 46 out of 48 lights working as opposed to maybe 16 this morning!

Its certainly bright in here now. VERY BRIGHT. and everything is suddenly reflective and shiny especially white things like paper and application backgrounds. I think I may need a glare guard of some sort. Or dark glasses. I could be cool and wear dark glasses all the time.

Its also noticeably warmer sitting here under the 16 flourescent lights more or less directly above me where before there were none.

November 24th, 2004


Yesterday was the penultimate yoga class before christmas, and the second without maria. Numbers are WAY down, from almost 30 at the first class to about 12. And there are less than 10 people who have been there for the entire thing.

Phil, the yoga instructor seems to prefer small goups and he certainly enjoyed himself yesterday, with a lot of walking around and pushing people into position, which he has rarely done before. He tried some of the more complicated manouvers made sure everybody got a good attempt at the lotus position. Many of us only got half way! Must practice…

There will be more classes next year and I may even try to find a second yoga class if it doesn’t clash with fencing.