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January 11th, 2005

China Blogging

Its China Mieville day at Crooked Timber. What a good idea. I am now horribly tempted to start Iron Council rather than wait until I am in Scotland in February – I was saving it for plane and train journeys.

Do what you can to acquire/borrow/steal his books and read them all. Anybody looking to borrow his books (except King Rat, which I don’t have a copy of) from me can go the back of the queue, after me, eoin, maria and danny.

Beware that Danny is the black hole of book readers – books fall into his posession and don’t get out ever, or for a long long time (he’s much worse than Maria for that). I know I do the same, but I own 98+% of the books I do that to.

January 7th, 2005

New Year, same as the Old Year

Belated New Year greetings to everybody.

Holidays went well, didn’t read too many books, which didn’t stop me buying some new ones. I even have some eason’s vouchers left over in case of emergency. Didn’t watch too much TV (I did play a lot of computer games instead), drank too much, lazed around a lot and ate more than was good for me all of which made going back to aerobics and the gym this week a lot of fun. No fencing this week due to an administrative error by Nev. Yoga is back soon; so I need to get ready for that. Maybe I might even think about practicing (I spy an unfulfilled new year’s resolution there).

Met Jamie and Hilary for some driving and a wee bit of walking in Killarney. They have some pictures on their site. Adrian and Lavinia were around as well, as were Donogh and Fiona and Eddie and Grainnie. They all in their own way contributed to the excess of drinking and eating mentioned earlier. Except Eddie who managed to remove the front bumper of his Renault Clio using only the gate in my parents drive. At least it gave him an excuse to buy one of these.

New Years was pretty quiet. Went to Ronan’s where we drank champange, smoked cigars and Leon showed off his hairy belly. Back in UL this week and all is back to normal already, projects to do, reports to write and a thesis to finish (read start).