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January 11th, 2005

Books and Blogging

While on the subject of blogs and books, here is quite a horrible tale of how Joe got fired from Waterstones in Edinburgh for maintaing a blog. This is beginning to cause a stir in literary and other circles, so hopefully it should be resolved soon.

I don’t think I shall be visiting Waterstones in Edinburgh anytime soon, or in Cork or Dublin for that matter. Nor HMV owner of Waterstones.

January 11th, 2005

China Blogging

Its China Mieville day at Crooked Timber. What a good idea. I am now horribly tempted to start Iron Council rather than wait until I am in Scotland in February – I was saving it for plane and train journeys.

Do what you can to acquire/borrow/steal his books and read them all. Anybody looking to borrow his books (except King Rat, which I don’t have a copy of) from me can go the back of the queue, after me, eoin, maria and danny.

Beware that Danny is the black hole of book readers – books fall into his posession and don’t get out ever, or for a long long time (he’s much worse than Maria for that). I know I do the same, but I own 98+% of the books I do that to.