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January 19th, 2005


We started a new term of yoga classes on Tuesday. As well as myself and Maria; Eoin and Ben and Joanne came along as well. If we can keep adding people like this we should be able to run our own class soon enough.

There seemed to be a large turnover of students from last term – certainly I didn’t see more than 7 or 8 people I recognised from before. The male/female ratio was 8 or 9 out of about 30 as opposed 2 out of 30 last term

From the Limerick Post

ENROLMENTS of the Spring term of Ashtanga Yoga classes at Milford School in Castletroy begin at 5.15pm on Tuesday January 18. Classes will run afterwards from 6pm until 7.30pm.

Different to conventional yoga, which is gentle exercise, Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic form of this eastern discipline.

According to the yoga instructor, “participants need aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility. Regular practice brings the benefits of an enhanced sense of well-being and energy”.

She added that the ‘asanas’ or postures are designed in a sequence to benefit more than the physical body, requiring deep breathing, relaxed movements and mental concentration.

“Ashtanga Yoga is 99 per cent practice, one per cent theory, and is intense as well as immensely satisfying. It is also a lifelong programme and people should not expect to be able to master it after eight or ten weeks,” she makes clear.