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February 11th, 2005

Good vs Evil!

Hilary comments that

“The bloke standing to the left of Nev, in the picture, must be really evil. As per cowboy movies, he’s wearing all balck ergo he is the evil dude. This makes Nev the hero type wearing all white – he will save the day.”

So lets put it to the test.

This is Maestro Paul Macdonald, master of the macdonaldacadamies of arms and exercises. While not necessarily evil; he is holding a 250ml bottle of IrnBru

This is Nev, in the foreground. And while he looks a bit smug he isn’t necessarily good. There are more pictures of nev here and here and an evil mirror-universe nev here.

So the fight. First Nev has Paul on the run.

But in the end Paul is the winner. Thats what happens when you give up your all-white good guy suit and wear jeans!!

The head isn’t a valid target area. But its a good photo

For revenge, Nev attempts to entice Paul’s students away from the dark side

Much to Paul’s annoyance.

But thats OK as Ben is watching Nev’s back.