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May 19th, 2005


Maria and Mike are off to salsa again tonight, as usual they are looking for volunteers. Me? I’d rather go clubbing!

May 17th, 2005

Love Letters…

Monday nights two weren’t very good

1) 17 year old boy writes a love letter
sub-category: he shouldn’t have

2) Girl with baby is worried about ex, who might be becoming a drunk. Wants to fix ex
sub-category: ex is baby’s father
sub-category: this is ruining her new relationship

May 17th, 2005


A few new additions to our little blogging community.

Michelle and Orla have blogs now. Michelle’s is a nice fluffy non engineering persons blog. Orla’s is a bit catty. Closer to home, lunching in Limerick will never be the same again!!!!!

Much further afield, Thom, he of the pictures, has a family blog written mostly in Japanese. Unfortunately my knowledge of Japaense has just about deteriorated to the point where I can look at a sentence and say “I’m pretty sure thats Japanese”. But there are plenty of English entries and photos there as well. If enough ex-broadcomers find it and get/start blogs maybe we can have a ex-broadcom corner of the web tro match the WAR group and associated hangers on corner.

Then there is this, which I suppose seems to have a WAR association. More and more I think Maria’s initial reaction is the proper one!

May 16th, 2005


Busy yet quiet weekend! Ronan had a bit of a bbq on Friday, meet and beery goodness. Got a bit drunk and a bit distracted, so I missed the Texas-hold ‘em poker night. Ca C’est la vie.

Up bright and early Saturday for fencing with Nev. He had a new student starting and wanted to show off what we could do. Fencing cold is quite interesting – you want to execute good lunges and feints but your body isn’t awake enough to get the last inch or so. At the same time because you can be too lazy and tired to want to risk missing the target you might be more accurate, or not!

Sat afternoon I helped clear out my parent’s attic. Crawling around the accumulated crap and grime to discover such treasures as a broken chair from 1977, the christmas tree and a couple of generations of spiders. Very dusty job – must have words with my mum about her housework routine. As part of the overall Attic-project extravaganza I bought a barcode scanner on ebay, which I hope to use when I catalogue all my books before consigning them to the attic forever – or until I get my own place (then they can go to the attic there!!!). I also downloaded a copy of readerware to help conver scanned ISBN numbers into book info. Its quite powerful itself, and its internal database works quite well; but the export function is a bit limited. It will do as a first approximation, but eventually I will have to find or write something better! Here is a sample html output, I would really like links to amazon or similar and pictures of the dust jackets as well.

Algebraist Banks, Iain M. 1-84149-239-6 Orbit Paperback
The Scar Mieville, China 0-330-39290-5 Tor Books Paperback
The Lord of the Rings Tolkien, J.R.R. 0-618-12902-2 Houghton Mifflin Paperback

Saturday evening we watched Munster beat Llanelli, and there was much rejoicing! Ended up in the Locke with some Daghda people. Fun. Sunday was uneventful.

Today the WAR group are trying to build a better mousetrap!

May 13th, 2005

The Love Letter

Limerick 95FM do Late Night Love from about 10pm-12pm Sun-Thurs. They encourage people to write in and share their feelings and other such crap. The highlight of the show is the twice nightly Love Letter where some hopeless loser gets to write in about how the love of their life dumped them or otherwise screwed them over and made their life a misery. Given that this is Limerick the standard and quality of the writing (let alone the stories) leave a lot to be desired and the reading skills of the presenter have to be heard to be believed. Not having a TV, the Late Night Love and the Love Letter provides the kind of insight into the general uselessness and hoplessness of peoples lives that most people get from Corrie or Eastenders.

So for the next few weeks, or until we get bored we are going to catalogue the Love Letters accroding to type and subtype to see if there is a pattern and possibly with the ideal of writing the perfect letter to be read on air!!

Last nights letters were

1) He was sort of in a relationship with a Girl he didn’t really care about. He was also doing someone else on the side so that was OK. Then “girl he doesn’t really care about” went off with a one night stand. Now he feels betrayed and hurt and doesn’t know if he can trust her anymore
Update from comments:
Sub-category: I did the dirt first.
Sub-category: She did the dirt and I feel betrayed

2) Unrequited love leading to sorrow, bitterness and feelings of betrayal.
sub-category – Girl Loves Boy
sub-ctaegory – Boy turns out to be Gay

May 12th, 2005

Andy you’re a star!

Had lunch with Andy Kelleher an ex-broadcom person, who I haven’t seen in AGES!!. He says hello to everyone.

I must dig out the postcard he sent me from OZ and post it here.


Here is the postcard. As you can see Andy is one of the 5 people in the WHOLE world who are allowed call me Mick!!! Me saying this in no way, shape or form gives permission for anyone else to call me Mick, especially not the denizens of the WAR group and assorted hangers on. I mean it!

May 12th, 2005

Barcelona Bound!

Billy has been found alive and well and enjoying himself in Barcelona. He has acquired a desk and a spanish accent. And is thinking of setting up a blog to keep us informed of his exploits.

May 10th, 2005


Belated Birthday Greetings to Maria who instantly became adult and mature on turning 25 over the weekend!!!

May 10th, 2005

The Sound of Silence!!

The Fire Alarm has stopped ringing and the alarm button outside our flat has been changed/fixed.


May 9th, 2005

Don’t Panic

There is a Radio Series that is called the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Some time later there was a Television Series called the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. It drew on the same source material, while interpreting it differently and in no way should be seen as an attempt to transfer the story/plot characers to the small screen. At the same time, and for some time after there appeared a series of books; five of which together form the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – a trilogy in four or more parts. Tgether they formed yet another re-imaginning of the same concepts and ideas as best suited to the presentation medium.
And now there is another re-interpretation of what was the original concepts and what has gone before and it too is called the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Except its a movie and one of its aims is apparently that it should be understandable by Americans – and not just the wannabe European ones who read books, watch PBS and will have come across the Hitchikers Guide in one or more of its previous incarnations.

And its not bad!!!!! Its quite good actually. The actors are well chosen and they bring their own quirks and mannerisms to the characters. This is particularly true for Arthur and Trillian, but no less so for the others or the minor cast, the whale, the bad guy, Deep Thought, and especially Marvin.

There aren’t so many big special effect shots, except for a REALLY SPECTACULAR one near the end, and of course a really explosive one at the beginning. Overall the sets and backdrops work really well, capturing the spirits of the various places and creatures and reflecting them into set design etc as appropriate.

They even left it open for a sequel…