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May 13th, 2005

The Love Letter

Limerick 95FM do Late Night Love from about 10pm-12pm Sun-Thurs. They encourage people to write in and share their feelings and other such crap. The highlight of the show is the twice nightly Love Letter where some hopeless loser gets to write in about how the love of their life dumped them or otherwise screwed them over and made their life a misery. Given that this is Limerick the standard and quality of the writing (let alone the stories) leave a lot to be desired and the reading skills of the presenter have to be heard to be believed. Not having a TV, the Late Night Love and the Love Letter provides the kind of insight into the general uselessness and hoplessness of peoples lives that most people get from Corrie or Eastenders.

So for the next few weeks, or until we get bored we are going to catalogue the Love Letters accroding to type and subtype to see if there is a pattern and possibly with the ideal of writing the perfect letter to be read on air!!

Last nights letters were

1) He was sort of in a relationship with a Girl he didn’t really care about. He was also doing someone else on the side so that was OK. Then “girl he doesn’t really care about” went off with a one night stand. Now he feels betrayed and hurt and doesn’t know if he can trust her anymore
Update from comments:
Sub-category: I did the dirt first.
Sub-category: She did the dirt and I feel betrayed

2) Unrequited love leading to sorrow, bitterness and feelings of betrayal.
sub-category – Girl Loves Boy
sub-ctaegory – Boy turns out to be Gay