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May 16th, 2005


Busy yet quiet weekend! Ronan had a bit of a bbq on Friday, meet and beery goodness. Got a bit drunk and a bit distracted, so I missed the Texas-hold ‘em poker night. Ca C’est la vie.

Up bright and early Saturday for fencing with Nev. He had a new student starting and wanted to show off what we could do. Fencing cold is quite interesting – you want to execute good lunges and feints but your body isn’t awake enough to get the last inch or so. At the same time because you can be too lazy and tired to want to risk missing the target you might be more accurate, or not!

Sat afternoon I helped clear out my parent’s attic. Crawling around the accumulated crap and grime to discover such treasures as a broken chair from 1977, the christmas tree and a couple of generations of spiders. Very dusty job – must have words with my mum about her housework routine. As part of the overall Attic-project extravaganza I bought a barcode scanner on ebay, which I hope to use when I catalogue all my books before consigning them to the attic forever – or until I get my own place (then they can go to the attic there!!!). I also downloaded a copy of readerware to help conver scanned ISBN numbers into book info. Its quite powerful itself, and its internal database works quite well; but the export function is a bit limited. It will do as a first approximation, but eventually I will have to find or write something better! Here is a sample html output, I would really like links to amazon or similar and pictures of the dust jackets as well.

Algebraist Banks, Iain M. 1-84149-239-6 Orbit Paperback
The Scar Mieville, China 0-330-39290-5 Tor Books Paperback
The Lord of the Rings Tolkien, J.R.R. 0-618-12902-2 Houghton Mifflin Paperback

Saturday evening we watched Munster beat Llanelli, and there was much rejoicing! Ended up in the Locke with some Daghda people. Fun. Sunday was uneventful.

Today the WAR group are trying to build a better mousetrap!