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May 25th, 2005

Not Funny/Funny

or should that be the other way round!!!

In any case looks like some things may be more dangerous than we imagine…

May 25th, 2005

Yo-Ga Yo-Go

Yesterday was our last ashtanga yoga class for this year. I think I did pretty well through the year, attending 27 out of 28 classes. I’m even a bit more flexible than I was way back in September. Not sure how much of that would have spontaneously happened even without yoga, but credit where credit is due; I suppose!

No new yoga classes until September so for the summer I shall have to make do with fencing, aerobics, gym stuff, whatever hill walking the group organises and a bit of running. I suppose I should also practice!!!

Of course by September thanks to my shiny new orthotics, and my newly re(de)formed feet; knee pain and foot pain shall be a thing of the past. That will probably be equivalent to a whole summers prcatice all by itself.