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June 7th, 2005

Long Weekend. long post!

Survived the Long weekend. Not that I had much to survive, I didn’t do anything overly exciting like fly to Moscow or Greece or Spain anything – just received communications from there. Isn’t technology wonderful! I did manage to drink too much, a couple of times. Some people just never learn.

Friday I went to see Sin City which is quite good and recommended, eventually I will write up a proper review.. For some reason I find it easier to write reviews about stuff I don’t like than about stuff I do. Probably becasue its not so easy to talk about good stuff “Its good, you’ll like it” as opposed to dissecting bad stuff “its bad in so many ways. Let me enumerate them”. Some people would say I’m just a bitter negative person…

Saturday I lounged around a lot and eventually stirred for lunch and shopping; food, laces, socks, paint; nothing wild. Although the new mini-mall thing they have built on Childers road is a horrible, desolate, bleak place full of soul-destroying traps for the mindless of surburbia who seem to think that buying stuff, particularly home improvements, is a substitute for having a real life! Donogh was around so we went to watch (or in my case exist in the same room as the TV) the Ireland-Israel Game. Eventually Darren joined us and we got drunk and bickered about nothing for a few hours. Eventually we went back to Darren’s place to scavenge beer out of the fridge, and be entertained by his drunken housemates.

Sunday I ended up in Loughrea for more beer and visiting people. Weather was crap for driving and as I misjudged my driving time and ran into the middle of the crowd heading home after the Clare-Tipperary game so it took about an hour longer than it should have. Grumble grumble. The Skehills have a new sheepdog puppy, as yet unamed (answers on a postcard to Orla or Ronan). The puupy knows who its enemies are and was happy to attack Fluffy’s outer shell repeatedly!!

Monday I drove back to Limerick, made a huge dent in Absolution Gap, entertained Danny for coffee and went for a few beers.

I see that Maria managed to find an Internet Cafe. Bad Maria, you are supposed to be on holidays. Stay away from idiot boxen and wait to write stuff until you get back. Otherwise you won’t have any good stories to share.

I set up statcounter on the blog and here is the weekend’s graph by country

Some of the entry points are somewhat obvious. Others seem less so!!.