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July 20th, 2005

The Evil. A user’s guide.

As previoulsy mentioned, Planarity is more annoying than difficult. Particularly after the early stages when it becomes too complex to just visualise the solution and some methodical method must be applied. For different values of early stages, I find I can get to level 6 or 7 before I find it necessary to apply a method, but then I give up after level 8 or 9 as it just gets boring. In any case, here is the method I usually apply; using level 3 as an example.

First, find one node that is connected to only two others. Thse three nodes become the a corner (here the bottom corner). Select one of the bottom corner nodes and find what it is connected to. Arrange those appropriately. Rinse. Repeat. until finish.

This method works quite well even at higher levels. Bit it is quite mechanical and gets boring after a while. And not being able to save the level or high score means starting over and over again just to do up silly examples. Its probably more fun just to mock people!