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September 1st

September 1st, 2005
The first of September seems to be another of those seminal dates in the year, along with new years, the start of lent, and people’s birthdays where some stock is taken and plans for the future are made. Others just find that maturity is not necesarily something that is thrust upon them; but can can sneak up unawares But I’m not into any of that crap so here is just some stuff that happened this week!

Gave blood Wednesday. Nothing unusual about that, I donate relatively regularly and this was my 13th donation, I think. I am still in the system twice as I managed to give blood both in Limerick and Dublin before the IBTS merged their donation records. That always casues some confusion, although they promise to have it sorted by next time. I gave a pint in 4 minutes, which is a personal best (not that I am tracking) and the fastest donation the nurse had seen in a while. Then I continued to bleed for quite a while afterwards, so you win some, you lose some!

I think my PC monitor is giving me headaches, especially when I am using Linux, leading to tiredness and grumpiness and all of the personality traits you all know and love. Stealing an LCD panel from the lab hasn’t helped much except now I am getting headached in windows as well. Must explore a glaregaurd or something. Maybe I can sue someone.

After a couple of weeks of excess, Gym is back and aerobics. So is running now that Denis is felling better. Haven’t been back to fencing yet though. Next week.

Dad had a checkup with the doctor this week and he is fine. I more or less knew that already as my mother has started to bitch about him not doing anything around the house and expecting to be waited on hand-and-foot.

Bought a body board in Castlegregory last week and was in the water a bit. Hope I get a couple more chances to use it before the end of September when it gets too cold to be in the water without a wetsuit.

Planning for skiing in December continues apace. We have flights and a car and have more or less picked out where we want to stay. Must book it today or tomorrow.

Ben’s girlfriend, Joanne passed her driving test thursday (first go). Hurrah for her!