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Our yoga class rockin’ fucks!

October 26th, 2005
Yoga was different on Tuesday. Normally we go through a primary series under Philip, the yoga teacher’s, direction or a series of practice postures to generally improve technique or for a specific purpose – the last few weeks its been to try to get everybody into the lotus position; or close enough!!

This week Philip conducted the class with minimal direction and at quite a speed. He started with “just watch what I do and try to keep up as best you can”! and went from there into the 10 warm-up sun salutations, straight into the standing poses and then the floor poses. Only when we got to the more complicated poses like the wheel, and the shoulder-stand and head-stand sequences did the class revert to a more “normal” pace.

So there was a good 40 minutes of no talking, just focussed on breathing and keeping up with the Asanas. Everyone can’t do all the postures; I certainly can’t, but I did as much as I do in the slower-paced classes and was even a bit better with some of the poses (I got my feet on the floor in some of the shoulder based poses – which is still new for me).The impression I got afterwards is that everyone else felt more-or-less the same. Even with the slower pace at the end we got through the whole thing in just about an hour which we think is pretty good.

This term yoga has gone from being something I need to practice because I am not very good at it; to something I need to practice because I am still not very good, but am much more familiar and comfortable with the asanas and am improving lots and am in general just really really enjoying. Of course I’m not ACTUALLY doing any practice (don’t be silly!), maybe when my new replacement mat arrives.

VIVA Michelle

October 25th, 2005

Michelle passed her PhD viva today. So here’s a picture of a happy lady…

Filling Time

October 25th, 2005
Back to the dentist this morning. This time a tooth in the lower left got filled. Apparently, it can take a bit longer for the lower jaw to go numb than the upper. So of course this means that your mouth doesn’t actually go numb until after the filling is complete and you get to spend the rest of the morning talking funny and drooling.


October 24th, 2005

When the bar staff in your local offer to loan you books does that mean you are spending too much time in the local?????


What if the bar staff at your other local, upon seeing you turn up at an unusual time (13:20 on Sat) ask in a condescending yet familiar manner; “Lunch for 2 or are ye just drinking??”

Who is a little teapot?

October 18th, 2005

inspiration + ebay =


October 14th, 2005
Not much blogging in the last few days. busy. Although I notice some of my regular commenters have been running rampant, so maybe its time to bring them on home.

Fun week. Last friday my cousin Derek Moran got married, so we all decamped to Murroe and from there to the Woodlands House Hotel in Adare for beer and dinner. And then more beer. No single women, very few single anybodies actually. Lots of kids running around. Speeches weren’t great. Derek’s brother Jim was best man. Not much scandal, just the usual family stuff.

Saturday, to my great discomfort, I was rudely awoken before 9.30 by my dentist ringing to remind me I had an appointment for the following Monday. Saturday didn’t get much better after that. But I did end up going to see A History of Violence, which is one of those strange films, well written and directed with a capable cast who are not afraid to be good actors and you know actually ACT and stuff, that you don’t tend to see anymore. The violence is a bit excessive at times, but you soon get sanatised to it and then it becomes funny in its over-the-topness. After the movies we ran into Maria and her search for a tall, dark stranger. But we couldnt help as we weren’t tall, dark or strange enough.

Sunday we went to see Wallace and Gromit, a preview show in Storm in Castletroy that was mysterioulsy empty. Better than that Curse of the Wererabbit also turned out to be a better story with better direction and better acting than the usual drivel and most of the characters were plastecine and mute. The humour and gags are not as subtle as in earlier W&G outings, I suppose to cater for Americans. But there were a lot of puns; and puns are good. Can’t get enough puns.

You wait ages for a good movies and then two come along at once!!

Monday kicked off a busy and sometimes crap week. Went to the dentist to get a filling, back upper right wisdom tooth. Lots of drilling and filling. Doesn’t seem to have taken though – It seems to be slowly, but surely falling out and all week I’ve had bits of tooth and filling floating around my mouth. Hopefully there will still be some of it left when I go back on the 25th.

My yoga mat went missing last week. I left it behind me in the pool and some f**ker either walked off with it or nicked it from Lost and Found. Lost and Found in the arena is a joke anyway, its just a cupboard that anyone can access whenever they want and I have heard at least one tale of somebody who doesn’t sit a million miles away from here who just takes t-shirts from Lost and Found whenever they don’t have one for soccer. Isn’t that just disgusting!!!!!

Anyway yoga was pain and suffering as we did lots of stretches with the ambition of achieving nirvana. I mean the lotus position. I didn’t even come close. It made spinning afterwards a lot easier, as my legs were good and stretched. Unfortunately they were also quite tired. But no pain, no gain or some equally glib platitude

Edu is leaving us for a few weeks to go to Rome and so there was beer Thursday night. I think I need to drink more during the week. Although I am kinda worried that I was using beer as an endorphin substitute. I only managed 5 hours of exercise this week so my endorphin levels are probably way down.

Today was a long day I think I spent from 11am to 5pm (granted I was only in at 10.16 but thats not relevant) or so in meetings or working with people only 20 mins of which were relevant to my PhD and the best part of that 20 mins was a paragraph I made up on the bus coming in this morning. Sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing or why!

Today might be a good day to inaugurate a Pizza Friday featuring beer and more beer in Catherine Street. I can always go to the gym Saturday to make up for it…

Just for the record

October 6th, 2005

There is nothing wrong with grapefruit cheesecake.

Fame etc….

October 6th, 2005

I got published. WooHoo.

Hello to anybody who found their way here through the San Diego Reader. If you are wondering why you are at instead of; I moved to my own site about 6 weeks ago as the college network was getting very busy and unreliable. Feel free to look around, leave comments (be nice, well more or less), feed the cats etc etc.

alcohol, books and new people

October 3rd, 2005
Land of the Dead is a lot better than any other zombie movies that are out at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that it is very good at all. However, if you ignore the bad acting, the stupid dialogue, the massive holes in the plot/structure/setting and the unbelievably crappy premise then you have a not-very-good movie with a lot of unnecessarily gratuitous violence. But at least it doesn’t have Samantha Mumba! Hopefully there will be some good movies out soon. Either that or I shall have to have words with the people who pick crap movies week after week after week!!!

Finally made it to the gym for a Saturday morning session, which I have been threatening for a while; ever since my evenings have been taken up by fencing, yoga and spinning. Saturday morning is a good time to go to the gym as it is fairly quiet, but it means getting up early.

Even though we were at the gym early(ish) we were late for lunch. But we were able to get seats in The Wild Onion. It was somewhat close to closing time so they had no burgers, tuna or veg left. But there were some good sandwiches and witty banter and repartee with Ruth.

Terry Pratchett’s new books were published Saturday. So I indulged (hands up anyone who didn’t see that coming!). Quite disappointed that O’Mahony’s only had Thud! and not Where’s my Cow as well. Not very surprised as they have been quite bad at getting in new sci-fi & fantasy books soon after publication recently. But the staff didn’t even seem to be aware that Where’s my Cow existed, and gave stupid advice about finding childrens books in the librarian/reference section, and in the end I had to buy it in Easons. There are some more books out soon that I have my eye on so I hope they come in reasonably on time. And of course there are all the other books I will never get around to reading or even buying!!!

Saturday night we decided/were informed that we would be having a fancy dress halloween party in the flat including guillotine, gallows, stocks and santa claws. I have to find a different costume as I am not allowed to re-use the one from last year. Not that I can anyway as I gave away the wig. Everyone is invited. We had beer to celebrate the news and to practice our heavy drinking.

Sunday I went to my parents for dinner. Dad has been asked to call into work to discuss his status, which could mean anything from “take as much time as you need” to “why aren’t you back yet” to “here is an early retirement package”. Hopefully it will be the latter.

Was also in Curragh Chase on Sunday for a bit of a ramble. Haven’t been there in ages.

We have some new people starting in the (soon-to-be) Wireless Access Research Centre. They don’t all have web pages or blogs yet, but soon enough I suppose. Ronan is even threatening to bring in cheesecake to celebrate and apparently we need to make up a scary initiation ritual