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Presentation Skills

November 7th, 2005
As part of our welcome to the WAR group sessions we are going to give a basic presentation skills talk sometime soon; don’t say “AM” or “OK” too much, don’t walk in front of the projector, don’t swear, projectile vomiting on the audience is not often appreciated and so on and so forth. Add your favourit presentation foobar in the comments.

I think the most important advice will have to be that if you only throw your presentation together 20mins before you have to give it then sometimes it will go well and sometimes it will be about 5 mins of good stuff and 35 minutes of insane ramblings. And at times like that its good to have a blackboard or whiteboard or even just acetates and markers to fall back on and drag yourself back to coherency , if not necessarily sanity. And if you are up there with all the insane ramblings and the no-way-out then its no good hoping that your phone will ring.