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Photo Blogging. Jamie

March 20th, 2006

Jamie and Hilary were around for the weekend and we did an initial search for wedding gear. Here is a set of photos I took during the process.

Picture Blogging. Fencing

March 20th, 2006

Nev and Paul execute a lunge

I (still) aten’t dead!!!

March 3rd, 2006

Lots of people asking this week whether or not I have stopped blogging. And the answer is sort-of for now, while I am busy writing other things. I’ll try and drop in a post every now again fo something funny, or interesting or important things happen. But don’t bet ther farm on it.

Funny/interesting/important (or not) things that may or may not have happened (yet)

My choloesterol being 7.7
Necessitating a change in diet
And a Fridge!

Travelling to Southampton for the weekend
Or Dublin
Or Edunburgh for fencing
Or Brussels for a Stag Night

My dad retiring
And mum spending some of the cash on a new car

Thesis writing
and writing
and writing

Project meetings

Boooks being bought
some of them even being read
Movies to watch
some of them even goo^H^H^H not bad

Pancake Parties
Paddy’s day parties
People getting married
More people getting married
Best Man’s duties to be performed
and stag nights to go to.

In the meantime I offer this as explanation/excuse..