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Eveybodys a comedian…

May 5th, 2006

The only thing worse than a stupid novel is people who take it seriously. And yes, yes, I get college mails too.

Dear Staff Member,

The next session of Café Theology takes place in Café Java, Catherine St. Limerick, on Wednesday 17th of May at 7pm. The speaker is columnist and author Mark Shea from California who is on tour in Ireland to answer the many untruths and fallacies of Dan Brown’s novel, The Da Vinci Code. Mark Shea is scheduled to make an appearance on the Late Late Show on Friday 12th as the film of the said book is due for release in Ireland around May 19th.

Mark is an engaging speaker who will be happy to take your questions (check out:

No admission charge! Just buy yourself a cup of something!
See you there!

And from their website

A double convert, Mark was raised as an agnostic pagan, became a non-denominational Evangelical Christian in 1979, and entered the Catholic Church in 1987.”

Somehow I don’t think its destined to be a night of frivolity and high jinks..