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Durable Ever Ready Chicken

June 23rd, 2006

Tim from Fire and Knives is writing in the granuaid

“I’ll just pour two pints of industrial-grade grease into this metre-square brat pan, fry off 800 battery chicken breasts, slap them under the heat lamps and hope no one dies on my shift.” That’s professional. “I’ll fry off this Marks & Spencer salmon fishcake,” on the other hand, is just absurd.

Best Man Duties

June 16th, 2006

1) Collect Suits
2) Rehearsal
3) Beer the night before (not too much – hah!)
4) Breakfast and distraction on Sat morn
5) Get everybody dressed
6) Mind ring(s)
7) Get to church, manage ushers
8) Try not to laugh during ceremony
9) Sign registry book
10) Dispense cash to priest, church
11) Usher everyone out
12) Look good in photos
13) Speech
14) Meal
15) Beer, fun, mingling
16) Return Suits

What have I forgotten.

With milk!

June 2nd, 2006

Niall is looking after our world cup draw.

Hi all,
Just what you’ve all waited for!!!! 7 days 5 hours and 20 minutes to go at the sending of this email. The draw is just done and its randomness verified by Ian and Edu. Team 1 is your team from the top 16 and team 2 is your team from the bottom 16. The top and bottom 16 has been taken from Anyone who hasn’t yet can drop the money (€5) up to my cubicle. The prizes are as follows
€50 for the outright winner.
€30 for the team 2 (bottom 16 teams) to finish highest.

I drew
Team 1 – Germany
Team 2 – Switzerland

Which probably isn’t the worst, Other people weren’t so lucky

Team 1 – Ivory Coast
Team 2 – Australia

And some people did quite a bit better

Team 1 – Brazil
Team 2 – Paraguay