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Dead like Steve!!!

September 5th, 2006

When I go, I want to be sold on ebay

Would you ever give her a bit of an ould kiss

September 4th, 2006
Jamie and Hilary are now officially Mr and Mrs Lawrence . Even if Hilary has yet to learn to respond to being addressed as such.

The day went well and we were really lucky with the weather. It was raining quite heavily early in the morning and didn’t begin to clear until after 9:00. But it stayed dry for the ceremony and pictures. We were chatting to the photographer Mike, a kiwi, before the ceremony and one of the things he commented on was that in Ireland the groom often didn’t kiss the bride during the cermony whereas in New Zealand a public and vigorous display of affection was the thing. Our response was that generally the priest gave some guidelines and in this case hadn’t, so no kiss for Hilary. Then at the appropriate time after the exchange of rings as we all looked on expectedly and Jamie and Hilary stood there looking married and uncomftrable the priest leaned forward to say “Would you ever give her a bit of an ould kiss”. And there was much rejoicing.

And that was that. It was a small wedding, with only 40 guests. Jamie and Hilary had booked out the Abbey Tavern in Quin for the evening, which makes a nice change from the usual hotel/dance/disco wedding combo.Quin is the kind of one-horse town where they shoot horses, but it does have a couple of good pub-restaurants.

The speehes etc went down well. We had them before eating and that encouraged brevity, especially as we had skipped lunch and breakfast, at 8am, was a long time in the past. Jamie spoke for about 5 mins and I spoke for not much longer and then we were able to settle down and enjoy dinner.

I don’t have any photos. As best man I was explicitly banned from bringing a camera, as I had to shepherd Jamie around and stop him running away. As pictures turn up I’ll add a few here.