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On Yer Bike

November 28th, 2007
Now that Christmas is almost, practically around the corner we have acquired a tree, well a plant. And given the life expectancy of plants in our flat, it will be an Easter miracle rather than a Christmas one if its alive on Dec 25th.

Anyway, where else to look for decorating inspiration than kitschmas where you can find such family favourites as the Jesus Christmas fairy that lights up when plugged in and has nail prints in (both) hands.

Or for the person who has everything a Bible Hip Flask. Be filled with the (a) holy spirit this christmas.
Of course its not all bizzare tat, who can say no to the Saint Sebastian pin cushion or the thongs of praise. Of course some items need no introduction or explanation and can be guaranteed to fly off the shelves (or mantelpiece) all on their own.