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Sport and Politics don’t Mix

August 18th, 2008

While watching the Russia v Poland volleyball earlier, we were wondering if some American in the crowd would shoot the ball if it looked like Russia were going to win.

Time added on

August 18th, 2008

Tuesday the German school is hosting Abschlussprüfung for the more advanced classes. So we don’t get to take part, but we do get to finish 45mins early to facilitate everyone else.

To make up for this the Morgenspause will be cut short by 15 mins for 3 days. This is to ensure we get our money’s worth of classroom time.

I just signed up for another 4 weeks of lessons during September. If I happen to do the second 4 also then I will get a shot at the Abschlussprüfung in late October. But that requires time and money, both of which are becoming relatively scarce

The problem with overt propaganda is that half an hour later you are hungry for more.

August 8th, 2008

Just spent a long wee-while watching the Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Olympics on TV. I think its the longest stretch I’ve had in front of the TV for ages. And even then I was at the Dining Table doing my Hausaufgabe, and otherwise inspiring people. The Irish contingent looked really small on TV. Right now I am watching the Simpsons…

There are, of course, videos up on YouTube already. And I imagine there will be many more in the next few days. I am almost disappointed that none of the athletes/officials who had cameras in the opening parade have posted anything yet!

I don’t actually subscribe to the idea that these Olympics are just propaganda for China. Or at least I don’t believe that China is abusing them for propaganda purposes any more than anyone else ever has.

Summer Daze

August 5th, 2008

Not much happening around here at the moment, well not much worth blogging about – thats never stopped you before; chant the people in the cheap seats.

The weather can’t make up its mind about whether it wants to be 30 degrees and really humid, or 24 and raining. Either way the new grass seems to like it, but for the rest of us windswept isle people its too warm to sleep at night, making the local Welsh, English and Irish contingents grumpy, lazy and tired during the day. The Scots seem to like it the contrary bastards. Thats probably not true – I haven’t met any Scots here yet. There could be a lot said for sleeping outside, but recent experiments in that direction have been unsuccessful, the benches aren’t that comfortable and there is too much traffic, and always a chance of rain. And you tend to miss out on things, like Saturday morning…

German course is tipping along nicely. Lots of vocabulary, tenses and cases to be learned and handy little phrases which are just thrown in the make the damn language infuriatingly impossible. My flash card thingy for vocabulary is coming along diligently but unenthusiastically and I am about 2 lessons behind where we are in class. Tomorrow it should be 3 lessons behind :-) Our Korean girls left us last Friday in a blaze of glory and a haze of rice wine at the German School’s summer get-together thingy. I brought “Chocolate Torte a la Nev”, and the Koreans brought 20% alcohol. It was almost a case of lactose intolerance vs alcohol poisoning; with there being no Saturday mornings for anybody!!!

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In the real(ish) world, there is no real noticeable shutdown around here for August, at least not yet, and probably not as noticeable as the shutdown at home anyway. Schools have just taken their holidays and a lot of local families seem to have headed away. The rest seem to be hanging around the pools and parks.