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Why not try this at home!

February 24th, 2009

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Last Friday night, as part of the thesis finishing champange drinking extravaganza, Nev popped a bottle of champange with a sabre. We don’t have any before pictures, but John took a couple of afters!

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For anyone who wants to try their hand at this at home here is a handy guide. Mind your thumbs and other people and windows and breakable stuff in general.

I would like to thank the Academy…

February 23rd, 2009

I’ll do this now, and then regular blogging shall resume. Or at least as regular as it was before…

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Sincere thanks to my supervisor Sean McGrath for his support, encouragement, perseverance and patience over the last few years.

Different aspects of this work have been a long time coming and a lot of people have provided inspiration and encouragement. So honourable mentions to John Nelson, David Cleary, William Warrillow, Terry Turner, Peter Haraszti, all ex-employees of Broadcom Eireann and members of the REALM and GANDALF project consortia.

Special thanks to the Wireless Access Research Centre; Ronan, Ian, Edu, Billy, Joe, John L, Paidi, Brunt, Maria, Nicola, Connie, Kevin, Niall, Bryan, Eoin and Carol, working with ye has made the road easier and more fun as well. Thanks also to all past and present visitors to the Wireless Access Research Lab in UL; Salvador, Nicolas, Manuel and Julien

I have used and abused my social circle for distraction, alcohol, books, lunch and generally being nuisance. So extra special thanks to John, Neville, Cormac, Eoin, Danny,  Martin, Jamie & Hilary (and family), Gary & Analie (and family), Gary & Elena, Adrian & Lavinia (and family), Donogh & Fiona (and family), and Darren.

Besonderer Dank gebührt meine neue deutsche Freunde: Olivier, Kata, Aude, JongJit, Kata und alle Leute auf das DKFA. Daniella & Fergal, Claire & Stu, und Dora für Bier, Essen und Spaß Und Michi & Bianca, Remus, Sheldon, Klaus und alle die Ingolstadt Baboons.

Finally I would like to thank my family; my parents Ger and Anne and my sister Noelle and brothers Mark and Edward (and Grainnie and Terefe) for their constant support