We WON!!!!!!

More or less. Only 1117 students voted in the ban coke Referendum. As a turnout of at least 1945 students was neccesary to acheive a quorum (of that the yes side needed 66% or 1295 votes for the referendum to be passed) the referendum was declared to be invalid. Having said that the students union counted the votes anyway. The final tally was

433 votes (39.6%) 659 votes (60.4%)

So as the NO campaign, we consider that our job was well done. Not only did the YES campaign fail to get enough people to vote to get a quorum, they didn’t even win a majority of those that did vote.

Anne Sheridan was elected CCO, beating Val Gunner.

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  1. Major Fraser Says:

    Well done lads

    keep reaching for that rainbow

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