Our fire alarm is still going, after being set off at 4:30am last Friday.

Horrible revenge will be mine.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    File or fire alarm? Obviously I am rushed off my feet in the new job on this marginally tepid afternoon which is accompanied by the gusty, pungent odour of the M50 construction works. Just a minute, what’s this crap down below about username and password? It’s Gary you shaggin’ gobshite!!

    Is mise le meas

    Gary Collins

    PS : Just found the bit that says “All of these fields are optional” – more rules here than a swingers club ….

  2. Anonymous Says:

    And the question that I wanted to ask in the first place is : what kind of revenge have you got in mind? Any use for mindless violence in any of this?

    Is mise le meas

    Sean Lemass (Gary Kicks Ass sounded just a bit below my current social status so was avoided…)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I could nearly start my own blog by piggybacking onto yours, then again, best I shouldn’t. I know your idea of revenge is NOT eye for an eye, closer to 3-members-of-your-family-for-defacing-my-blog.

    Just popped in to see if you had anything new on your blog. Btw: Did you hear that Sister the Elder added a little girl to her line up? She has a full front row now, two props and a hooker. Eimear is ainm di, apparently.

    Question ; Do you have a special Darren section? There are infinite possibilities or is that reserved for something else?

    Yes I know, this is stalking/harrassment/unsavoury social behaviour/offensive in general

    Take it handy and talk soon, are you in Dublin for the celtic cup on Sunday by any chance?

    PS : I am ticking the box that says “Other” and it shows as anonymous, which I am NOT selecting. Rules …..

  4. mgb Says:

    FIRE alarm! FIRE alarm!!! It ALWAYS said FIRE alarm

    This comment has been brought to you by “Fuck off Gary you observant bastard” and “post soviet-style revisionism”

    Its still going by the way. Eventually I am just going to give in and blame the Jim/Jarlath/Barry/Darren conspiracy

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Good morning Michael, how are you this weather? Just a quick email asking about the current status of your fire alarm – thank you for the confirmation that it was indeed a fire alarm, and not, as initially anticipated a file alarm. I wonder what kind of an instrument would cause a file alarm – I might contemplate upon that subject this afternoon when I will have even less to do apparently.

    Why blame others when you can select who you want to blame and then wreak havoc upon their unsuspecting lives? I have had many images flaming across my mind in recent times and I think they would be of benefit. If you want to hear more, call me at 0818 -DIAL REVENGE and select Option #3 when requested and wait for further instructions ….

    Liked your comments about Hitchiker, should I put this paragraph here or attach it to your hitchiker bit? Apologies, blog novice here. Not quite virginal but very much of an need an experienced hand to guide me ….

    Brother the Younger picked up the keys to his new gaff late last week. No, I have not been advised of the address, let me know if you hear anything. I would guess that it’s near the maternity hospital cos Dale has his pad there and they are still enagaged in that siamese cousins experiment which began in the mid 70’s.

    As liom go brach mar a thagam anois, obair a dheanamh …

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