A few new additions to our little blogging community.

Michelle and Orla have blogs now. Michelle’s is a nice fluffy non engineering persons blog. Orla’s is a bit catty. Closer to home, lunching in Limerick will never be the same again!!!!!

Much further afield, Thom, he of the pictures, has a family blog written mostly in Japanese. Unfortunately my knowledge of Japaense has just about deteriorated to the point where I can look at a sentence and say “I’m pretty sure thats Japanese”. But there are plenty of English entries and photos there as well. If enough ex-broadcomers find it and get/start blogs maybe we can have a ex-broadcom corner of the web tro match the WAR group and associated hangers on corner.

Then there is this, which I suppose seems to have a WAR association. More and more I think Maria’s initial reaction is the proper one!

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  1. Dan Sullivan Says:

    In a similar vein, I should say It’s your round

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