Love Letters…

Monday nights two weren’t very good

1) 17 year old boy writes a love letter
sub-category: he shouldn’t have

2) Girl with baby is worried about ex, who might be becoming a drunk. Wants to fix ex
sub-category: ex is baby’s father
sub-category: this is ruining her new relationship

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I suppose I can comment on these:

    1) Too right he shouldn’t have, for a start there is the whole creating a paper trail which will prove to be his downfall, downhill after that ….

    2) So many things that could be said about this, welcome to limerick, modern ireland encapsulated in limerick, there but for the grace of god, how much do you have to drink to be a drunk? does she really care or just covering her arse for what will surely follow down the road?

    Checked out stabfm online today, mark whelan, what a langer, couldn’t you nearly care at some level? Must try to check it out online one evening, what are the tunes like? Should send in a request or two, get myself into truly deep mire altogether

    Must go now, give my regards to those who understand ….

    Is mise le meas

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