The end times are upon us

How bad is this going to be!

UPDATE: Of course there are better and more pro-active (a bit of Darn speak there) things to do than merely denigrate and/or avoid the movie. Instead turn up at all the cinema showings, strike a noble pose, and burn the whole place down with the barbarians inside.

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  1. The Busy Engineer Says:

    Wow That looks really cool.
    It has Ian McKellen and Jean Reno in it so it can’t be bad (we’ll ignore Tom Hanks)

  2. Jamie Says:

    I think it’s easy to take great books and make crap films, so perhaps a crap book can become a great (ok, at least a vague entertaining) film?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It isn’t a book – it’s a collage of everything that is bad about modern writing – no imagination, appalling subtext, as for the degree of inaccuracy – mr. blobby’s no.1 hit was better researched, and you just knew they would shag before you picked up the book (the symbols on the cover said it all!!), and as for the hollywood ending (only Crime & Punishment comes close), the less said the better. Dan Browne – he dares have the same initials as the finest grand touring motor car of all time – is a tool. He didn’t make me think about anything once. I was sober michael, have to be to read these days. Can we not go back to the good old days of writing pointless tomes about even more pointless topics which lend themselves to drunken debates where mike and darn beat the crap out of each other…..?? Write a lot, it will help a little …

    Mgb, I have no doubt that you will testify to the complete and utter lack of intellect of this writer – philistine is not a noun, it is a verb to a better way of life. I would call it a holiday book but it’s like your mobile phone – you always “accidentally” leave it at home……

    Is mise le meas

  4. amadán Says:

    I can’t wait to get you the DVD to go along with the book.

  5. mgb Says:

    Throw in a DVD player and a TV as well and its a deal. Of course DVDs don’t burn as well as books do!

  6. amadán Says:

    The movie was your idea.
    “… and all in all the book reads as a recipe for a movie script …”

  7. Anonymous Says:

    ….. a recipe for chronic diarrhoea flowing off the screen ….

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Oh you degenerate heathen – quoting Darn without a care in the world! The hours he spent reading the Progressive Demigods Pamphlet learning that word …..

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