These feet are made for walking!

I picked up a set of Orthotics today, and I have to more or less track my progress over the next 6 weeks, and 18 months beyond that. So expect some foot blogging now and again!

Doctors hadnwriting is notoriously bad (just like me tpying!) But it seems to say

EVA custom foot orthotics poated as follows: Rearfoot l=7 r=6 varus, forefoot L=5 R=2 Varus Extrijnsic to Sulius wth a left 1mm heel Raise

Which is greek to me. Essentially I got pair of insoles with various built in distortions and support bits to push my feet back into some semblance of a proper shape and thereby fix my knee-pain. I have to wear them for at least an hour a day (at which point I should have tired, achy feet) and then 5 hours break, until I can wear them full time. No exercise until I can wear them for two days with minimal discomfort.

Over the next 6 weeks as my feet, knees and posture adjusts I can expect foot pain, knee pain, hip pain. back pain and possibly neck pain. Although I am not guaranteed to get them all and certainly not all at once. After 6 weeks it should all be gone. So far I have experienced or more likely imagined the back pain and knee pain bits. But I always had the knee pain so that probably doesn’t count!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Jackie was able to slag your handwriting so unless this doctor was drunk/stoned/apoplectic/delete where applicable, then you really shouldn’t say too much…

    Having said that, your typing is marvellous compared to mine!! Only 26 letters/buttons and only Noddy could understand what I type most of the time!!

  2. mgb Says:

    Leaving Cert English was just a tad presumptive of me being a doctor before long (touch woood, fingers crossed, etc, etc)and that excuses any handwriting irregularities that may occour or have occoured.

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