Beer, and everything after

I was going to complain that in spite of doing aerobics a few times a week, the odd run or two, fencing and now yoga there are many many days where I don’t feel fitter or healthier at all!!!

Instead I get to complain that I was drinking vodka until 3am this morning, with someone who can’t hold their drink yet refuses to admit this and so keeps on drinking, and tries to keeep others drinking as well, and then more-or-less just falls over. For sure I wasn’t a completely unwilling accomplice but I wasn’t throwing myself at the vodka bottle either. Not that there is enough vodka left to be worth throwing oneslf at.

The fact that I was in before 9:45 this morning, for no particular reason (well; my mum rang at 9:05 looking for Dunnes Stores stamps and offering me a lift), and that is the first time I have been in college before 10 IN WEEKS, is just adding pain and horribleness to the whole experience.

But I am in before Ronan, although given that his bike tyre was slashed AGAIN last night (two days in a row) that may not be too surprising

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