winter is coming!

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  1. Dan Sullivan Says:

    So, I just need to read Storms of Swords and I’m all set?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Read and do what now?

    Where is everybody? I know that Mike is probably working on a logarithm to work out the most optimal way to bring reading material to Barca, eg; size, shape, weight, fontsize, entertainment value, blog reviews, scores out of ten from people you hate, and of course, the longest dirty bits. Not that I am inferring anything, just stating that Mike likes a good dirty read as much as the next man. However, if the next man is me, then there is no chance that Mike likes to read dirty bits as much as me. You may request more details via Mike. I am however, not inferring in any way that Mike has been a participant in me enjoying the reading of the dirty bits as it were. Is this starting to sound like I have spent too much time in the sun? Answers on a postcard … (yes, I said postcard, google the word “postcard”, you would be amazed what we did to communicate prior to 1994!)

    Is mise le meas (off to get some water and sit in the shade like the demented donkey I aspire to be)

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