Saturday is Darn’s birthday. He managed to make it to 32 without being murdered by his friends, enemies, jealous boyfriends/husbands or anybody else. Quite a surprise really!

Some photos of Darren from Donogh’s Wedding in 2003

Apparently I have been a bit presumptive and Darren is only 31 and not 32, or even 17 as you may have previously thought!!! Like anyone gives a fuck really.

Anyway, there is still time for him to be murdered by his friends, enemies, jealous boyfriends/husbands or anybody else before he turns 32. Please take a ticket from the dispenser and form an orderly queue.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    About 8 minutes away from getting a PhD in something to do with freakishly long math equations and yet you still manage to get 2005 – 1974 wrong. Darn will be 31 folks, and not older than mgb – or me for that f*cking matter!

    Jesus Mike, didn’t think the loss of your pen would f*ck you up that much …

    Do want me to send you a pocket calculator with buttons for the blind?

    Is mise le meas

  2. Anonymous Says:

    That first picture looks a lot like Brother Murray when he had a stroke in 1991. Yet another Darn impersonation falls flat …

  3. Dan Sullivan Says:

    If I ever find an open window handy…

  4. mgb Says:

    Darn’s brother murray impression falls flat…

    … just like brother murray. Although I seem to remember him spasmming a lot!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Darn or Br. Murray – they both seem to have occasions of spasm during that particular time?

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